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How to set your Xbox up with eircom broadband

Follow the below step-by-step instructions to get online with eircom broadband.

We suggest you print out these instructions and keep them for future reference.

Step 1. Need a broadband connection?

  • You need to check if eircom broadband is available in your local area. To find out if you qualify click here, alternatively call our sales team on 1800 503 303
  • If you already have an active eircom broadband connection, you can skip to Step 2 below.

Step 2. Already have broadband but need a modem?

  • If you don't have a broadband modem, you will need to purchase an Xbox Live compatible modem, which will enable you to connect your computer and Xbox to your eircom broadband line.
  • eircom recommends Netopia modems, which can be purchased from eircom broadband Sales on 1800 503 303.
  • If you already have your Xbox Live Starter Kit and an Xbox compatible modem, go to Step 3.

Step 3. You have your modem, your Xbox Live Starter Kit, and an active broadband connection?

  • If you have all of the above you're ready to register for Xbox Live. Simply follow the instructions received with your modem and Xbox Live Starter Kit.
  • Alternatively, please refer to the set-up instructions below.

For further information about eircom broadband, click here.


Setting Up A Connection With eircom broadband

To connect directly to your eircom broadband connection using the Netopia modem:

  1. Turn off your devices (Xbox console, modem, and computer) before connecting any cables.
  2. If your computer's network card is already connected to the modem, disconnect the ethernet cable from the computer.
  3. Connect one end of an ethernet cable to the ethernet port on the Netopia, and the other end to the port on the back of the Xbox console.
  4. Turn on your Netopia modem.
  5. Turn on your Xbox console, making sure there is no disk in the disk tray.
  6. From the Xbox dashboard, choose Xbox Live.
  7. Choose New Account and press A to accept the Welcome Message.

    If the Billing Region selection screen appears, congratulations! You are connected to Xbox Live. To create your Xbox Live account, or for more information about managing your account, see Signing Up for Xbox Live.

    If your Xbox console cannot connect to Xbox Live, you will receive the following message: "Could not connect to Xbox Live". Select Yes to be taken to the Connect Status screen, where your Xbox will begin a series of tests help diagnose the problem. Use the on-screen help and visit the xbox live support site for more detailed information about the problem and steps you can take to fix it..

    Note - with the Netopia modem connection, you do not need to turn on your computer to access Xbox Live from your Xbox console. There may also be a firmware upgrade available for the Netopia modem to help with the Xbox Live connection.  To check for this, click here. If you are not using the latest firmware for your Netopia you may experience disconnects from game sessions.

Need Help?

If you need technical support, please refer in the first instance to the supplier of the item you are experiencing difficulties with.

Xbox Support
1800 509 186 (9-10 Mon-Fri, Sat 9-8, 9-5 Sun)

eircom broadband
1800 503 303

Technical Support:
eircom broadband time support:
1530 555 444 (8am-10pm)
eircom broadband support (all other packages):
1890 260 260 (8am-10pm)

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